Are Your Probiotics Working?

Did you know your probiotic may not be working? I was listening to a podcast and they were talking about a brand of probiotics that survived stomach acid to get to the large intestine. I thought hmm… does mine? This sent me on a hunt to find everything I need to know to make the right choice

What are the benefits of probiotics? The main benefit is restoring balance of the “good” bacteria in your gut. They are also used for prevention or treatment of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), diarrhea, vaginal infections, urinary tract infection, Crohn’s disease, Eczema, C Diff and many many more

Once taken, it has to survive the digestion process (stomach acid and digestive enzymes) and make itself a cozy home in your large intestine, the bacteria then colonizes and gives you all those wonderful benefits.

Probiotic Checklist

-     Will they resist stomach acid? If they don’t mention that I would move on 


Look for CFU’s in the billions

-  What strains are in it? What do they do for your body?


-     Shelf Stable vs Refrigerated? You can find a good probiotic in either.

  • If you do go for the shelf stable make sure you take immediately after removed from the bottle, those bottles are designed to keep them alive.

-      Don’t get caught in this mindset “if it’s expensive then it’s good?” still read the labels.

- Quality over everything, a good probiotic should cost around $40-$60


Garden Of Life

Bryce has been taking this one for over a year and it checks all the boxes on this list

Here are some probiotics that checked all my boxes

  • Garden Of Life

    1. Critical Care (this is the one I am going to get for myself next time. I have been having consistent stomach issues, so this one might do the trick.)

    2. Women’s Daily Probiotic

      There are lots of options and endless information online, I think it really can be trial and error for every single person

What is your fave probiotic? Comment and let me know

Holly XOXO