Sync Your Moon Cycle

The New Moon was a couple days ago I thought I would share some insight how we as Women can connect more with that change.

Did you know that as women our cycles naturally sync up with the moon? It makes me feel so connected with the Universe, Mother Earth and my body.

With everything going on in the world now our bodies have lost touch with that connection,

There are two different Moon Cycles

  • White Moon Cycle - that is getting your period on the new moon and ovulating on the full moon. This is the most common for women, it represents fertility, motherhood and nurturing.

  • Red Moon Cycle - that is getting your period on the full moon and ovulation on the new moon. History on this cycle women who sync up this way were healers, medicine women and cared for other women during their period. It also means you are using up your energy on other realms, rather than getting pregnant and having children.


I am so fascinated by the Red Moon Cycle because that is where I sync up, reading about it all just makes me feel so connected and so much more than this body here on earth. I know that sounds a little woo woo but I can’t help it this is the stuff that lights my fire.

If you are not naturally syncing up with the moon phases or don’t know for sure read below how to get started

  • Start by tracking your period, I use the Flo App. Not only is this awesome to not have that monthly surprise but this helps you become more in tune with your body and what phase you are in throughout your cycle. Seriously, you will recognize that way your body feels, your emotions etc during all these phases.

  • Become conscious of the moon, google the moon calendar for that month. On the new moon maybe have a little ritual and same with the full moon. I love pulling tarot cards on both of them, lighting some Palo Santo, having a little meditation and just looking up at it because it really is amazing.

  • Get out in nature! I will walk barefoot in my grass all the time (usually to chase the dogs haha), I garden in the Spring/Summer. The winter is a little more tricky for most people, I am a snow and cold weather lover so I thoroughly enjoy that season as well.

  • Leave your blinds open at night to let the moon shine in on you while you sleep. Absorbing the moonlight on your face/body can bring it back to it’s natural cycle.

Of course if your cycle is regular and healthy then you are doing everything right as it is. This is just another level of connecting with your body.