Sync Your Moon Cycle

The New Moon was a couple days ago I thought I would share some insight how we as Women can connect more with that change.

Did you know that as women our cycles naturally sync up with the moon? It makes me feel so connected with the Universe, Mother Earth and my body.

With everything going on in the world now our bodies have lost touch with that connection,

There are two different Moon Cycles

  • White Moon Cycle - that is getting your period on the new moon and ovulating on the full moon. This is the most common for women, it represents fertility, motherhood and nurturing.

  • Red Moon Cycle - that is getting your period on the full moon and ovulation on the new moon. History on this cycle women who sync up this way were healers, medicine women and cared for other women during their period. It also means you are using up your energy on other realms, rather than getting pregnant and having children.


I am so fascinated by the Red Moon Cycle because that is where I sync up, reading about it all just makes me feel so connected and so much more than this body here on earth. I know that sounds a little woo woo but I can’t help it this is the stuff that lights my fire.

If you are not naturally syncing up with the moon phases or don’t know for sure read below how to get started

  • Start by tracking your period, I use the Flo App. Not only is this awesome to not have that monthly surprise but this helps you become more in tune with your body and what phase you are in throughout your cycle. Seriously, you will recognize that way your body feels, your emotions etc during all these phases.

  • Become conscious of the moon, google the moon calendar for that month. On the new moon maybe have a little ritual and same with the full moon. I love pulling tarot cards on both of them, lighting some Palo Santo, having a little meditation and just looking up at it because it really is amazing.

  • Get out in nature! I will walk barefoot in my grass all the time (usually to chase the dogs haha), I garden in the Spring/Summer. The winter is a little more tricky for most people, I am a snow and cold weather lover so I thoroughly enjoy that season as well.

  • Leave your blinds open at night to let the moon shine in on you while you sleep. Absorbing the moonlight on your face/body can bring it back to it’s natural cycle.

Of course if your cycle is regular and healthy then you are doing everything right as it is. This is just another level of connecting with your body.



Survival Guide for Chronic Migraines

I have suffered from Migraine Headaches since I was 4 years old, my Mom said the first time I had one I said the room is spinning and threw up everywhere. Throughout my childhood they plagued my life, they were very patterned and frequent about one every two weeks. My symptoms were Aura (extreme vertigo, the room was spinning) that lasted the entire duration of the Migraine, non stop vomiting, dry heaving and over all terrible feeling. These would prevent me from being at school or doing anything but laying in bed, they lasted about 24-48 hours each time.

Fast forward to being an adult my Migraines changed a little. Excruciating headache almost blinding, aura (a flashing ring in one of my eyes before onset), they lasted 4 days non stop and nothing worked to get rid of them. They seemed to be brought on by my menstrual cycle, about 2 days before my cycle was to start the aura would come.

FINALLY after seeing numerous doctors from age 4 to now I found a Neurologist who knew her shit. I knew immediately that she was different, she invited me into her office first we discussed my history, my diet, medications or plant medicine I was taking. She explained what was going on and what happens when people have migraines and how so many external factors can be linked. I was adamant about not being on seizure meds for prevention and she listened, she actually gave a shit about what I was saying. She didn’t just shove drugs at me and tell me see ya in month. She suggested taking magnesium 550mg, a baby aspirin every day, having my blood taken to check that everything was good and I left with Diclofenac Potassium (CAMBIA).

I started taking the Magnesium daily, Baby Aspirin and I was off Birth Control. Within 2-3 months I was no longer suffering from 5-6 per month. It has been 2 years since that and I still haven’t suffered from a 4 day migraine that didn’t respond to any meds, a little Excedrin now just kicks it in the butt.

Tips For Preventing Migraines

  • Find a great Neurologist, they are out there. It took me a long time to find mine and I am so happy I did, she changed my life.

  • Stay Hydrated, I drink about 128oz a day. I exercise most days so I also drink more after that.

  • Neck Stretches, I had a Tension Migraine a few years back and had to go to the ER. The doctor there was so awesome and showed me some stretches I need to do every single day

    • Chin tuck stretch - Sit in a chair nice and straight. Place your ends behind your head and tuck you chin. Let the weight of your hands pull your head down but don’t force anything. Hold this for 45 seconds

    • Cervical Extensor Stretch - Sitting upright or standing up straight. Place left hand on the right side of your head, gently guide your head to the left. Again don’t force anything. Hold for 45 seconds. Repeat on the other side

  • Meditate in the mornings, when you feel a migraine coming on, at the end of the day. Just whenever you find the time and feel that you need it. I use an app called Meditation Studio, it is $7.50 a month from the App Store. This helps keep your nervous system calm and mange stress a little better. Stress is a huge migraine trigger.


Magnesium - A lot of studies show that a high percentage of migraine sufferers are low in magnesium. Magnesium is basically the relaxation mineral. Stress drains the body of magnesium, not sure if that means migraine sufferers are typically under more stress. But stress is a trigger for migraines so makes sense. (Magnesium has many benefits for non migraine sufferers as well bowel regularity, stress relief, restful sleep to new name a few)

Here is the link for the magnesium I take

  • Your gut and brain are so intertwined, I take a probiotic daily and eat/drink fermented foods to keep my gut health in tip top shape.

  • Multi Vitamin - I take Smarty Pants Women’s every other day and Garden of Life Women’s Health every other day. I switch off to get all the vitamins I need.

  • Baby Aspirin - how my Dr. described this to me - migraine w/ aura sufferers have stickier blood platelets similar to stroke patients. The baby aspirin helps thin the blood so those platelets don’t stick together which in turn help prevent aura. (I buy this at Costco, I get a year supply for $6)

  • I quit birth control, it was more experimental at the time but after researching the effects it had on my body I decided it wasn’t something that aligned with my health.


All the Essentials

Tips For Surviving a Migraine

Are Your Probiotics Working?

Did you know your probiotic may not be working? I was listening to a podcast and they were talking about a brand of probiotics that survived stomach acid to get to the large intestine. I thought hmm… does mine? This sent me on a hunt to find everything I need to know to make the right choice

What are the benefits of probiotics? The main benefit is restoring balance of the “good” bacteria in your gut. They are also used for prevention or treatment of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), diarrhea, vaginal infections, urinary tract infection, Crohn’s disease, Eczema, C Diff and many many more

Once taken, it has to survive the digestion process (stomach acid and digestive enzymes) and make itself a cozy home in your large intestine, the bacteria then colonizes and gives you all those wonderful benefits.

Probiotic Checklist

-     Will they resist stomach acid? If they don’t mention that I would move on 


Look for CFU’s in the billions

-  What strains are in it? What do they do for your body?


-     Shelf Stable vs Refrigerated? You can find a good probiotic in either.

  • If you do go for the shelf stable make sure you take immediately after removed from the bottle, those bottles are designed to keep them alive.

-      Don’t get caught in this mindset “if it’s expensive then it’s good?” still read the labels.

- Quality over everything, a good probiotic should cost around $40-$60


Garden Of Life

Bryce has been taking this one for over a year and it checks all the boxes on this list

Here are some probiotics that checked all my boxes

  • Garden Of Life

    1. Critical Care (this is the one I am going to get for myself next time. I have been having consistent stomach issues, so this one might do the trick.)

    2. Women’s Daily Probiotic

      There are lots of options and endless information online, I think it really can be trial and error for every single person

What is your fave probiotic? Comment and let me know

Holly XOXO